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Diamond Tools In India
Manufacture Of Diamond Tools In Chennai

::::: ABOUT JIDC :::::

Manufacture of Cluster Tools & Blade Type Dressers Janisen Industrial Diamond Co.Pvt.Ltd was started in the year 1986. The Company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of Diamond Tools like

1. Dressers, Lapped Cones, Blade Type Dressers, Cluster Tools or Economical Sinterex Blocks.

2. Diamond Indentors - Rockwell and Reichiester Type.

3. Hones - Chrome Plated Cylinder Liners, CI/Fuel Injection Cylinders, Barrels, Bushes.

4. Electroplated Tools - Hand Files Diamond /CBN Machine Files, IG Pins for grinding TC, glass, porcelain, hard plastics and ferrite magnets, Wheels for brake linings, ferrite magnets, carbon, graphite, PCB, quartz, asbestos, hard rubber, FRP etc. Die Laps for TC wire drawing dies, Lapping discs for semi-precious stones.

5. Diamond Paste - Used on hardened steels, Carbide and non-metallic applications such as sapphire, semi-conductors and ceramic products.

6. Diamond Polishing Segments, Circular Diamond Saw Blades for cutting Granite, Marble Limestone, Slate, Refractories, Concrete etc for the Stone and Construction Industries.

Since its inception and over the years has not only carved a nitche for itself in the Automotive Industry but has also earned the reputation of being


Having added latest sophisticated machinery and employed technically advanced manpower we have the best consultation and technical cooperation with leading experts in the state of the art of manufacture of Diamond Circular Saws and Drillbits for Reinforced Concrete and High Density Fused cast Refractories.

Our rich experience in the field with high quality of special types of tools are well received in India and Overseas. The many sectors of industry using Diamond products include Mechanical Engineering Industry, Plastics, Optical Industry, Electrical & Electronic Industries, Glass Industry, Mining and Drilling.

This Company is guided with the expertise of Mr.G.Janakiraman who has got 36 years rich and varied experience in marketing and manufacturing.

Our factory is situated in CHENNAI - SOUTH INDIA with the ambition of selling its products globally with competitive edge in delivering on time and with highest level of quality.

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